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Mouse Blocker
The Answer to Rodent Problems

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Every day rodents do thousands of dollars of damage to cars and trucks. They chew crucial wiring, and build nest of flammable materials, often plugging vents and air intakes. Now with the introduction of eco-friendly, soy-based wiring insulation the problem has got even worse. Rodents love to eat the stuff and in the process often chew right through wires or leave them exposed, causing electrical interruptions and shorts.

Fortunately Cowichan Auto Repair has a solution. The Mouse Blocker is a 12 Volt powered device releasing a proprietary ultrahigh frequency noise (similar to that of a jackhammer) to deter mice from nesting in your automobile. The Mouse Blocker is designed to be stable in this harsh environment of well below zero temperatures in Canada to the very hot under hood temperatures in Arizona. Our Anti Rodent Tape is designed to be easily used like conventional electrical tape however our tape has Capsaicin from Hot Peppers built in allowing you to simply wrap wiring, wiring harnesses and tubing to protect them from the teeth of rodents that can cause severe damage to your vehicle.

Car Motor

The Mouse Blocker units run exclusively off a vehicle’s 12V battery and draw only as much power as an LCD clock (Classic model .1 watts, PRO model .6 watts). This allows the Mouse Blocker Classic to run for months in a vehicle without draining the battery. The Mouse Blocker is perfect for all vehicles with a current mouse problem or one’s that are stored indoors, such as motorcycles, tractors, hot rods and dirt bikes.

Use what the Pros use:

The Mouse Blocker is trusted by hundreds of New Car Dealers, Independent Repair Shops and Auto Parts Retailers throughout North America and will work great for protecting your new vehicle from mouse damage that is not covered by your new car warranty.

Use the Mouse Blocker in Campers and RV’s, Cars and Trucks, Motorcycles and Tractors, virtually anywhere with a 12V power supply or use or NEW Plug In PRO Model for long term storage and protection where 110v power is available.

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