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Women & Wheels Workshops

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“Everything you wanted to know about cars but afraid to ask"

Elly introduced Women & Wheels Workshops to her shop Cowichan Auto Repair and it has proven to be a huge success. Her first Workshop was held in March 2017 and it was attended by 57 women of all ages!!!

Other Workshops were held in April, May and June which included topics of Vehicle Safety and YOU, Teens and Wheels.

In June Elly hosted a workshop which was opened up to both men and women and the topic was "How to Save 75% on Vehicle Repairs". Everyone Loved this one.

Another Workshop will be held on Saturday, Novemeber23, 2-3pm. "Women & Wheels Workshops – Empowering, Educational and Enlightening". When you think about what your car goes through in a winter, you might be surprised to find out it’s not too far off what you went through. Join us for an informative time going over what your car needs at this time of year as well as YOU. EMPOWERING, CONNECTING AND EDUCATING.

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